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All About Wink!


Wink Lash Parlor was created by Jenna with one question in mind: Where would you want to go to get your lashes done…? A salon that does everything or a salon that only does lash extensions? Why be a Jack of all trades when you can be a Master of one! This has always been Jenna’s mantra. She has always strived for perfection and believes if you want to be the best at what you do then put your full focus on it!

Here at Wink we offer the best education to our newly hired licensed Estheticians if they don’t have prior experience in lashn’ with a 6 week course in eyelash application. Jenna has trained her staff in the correct and safe application of lash extensions. The Estheticians work on models during this rigorous 6 week course while under the guidance and direction of Jenna. Certification is key in this business. Most lash extension companies give a 1-2 day class in Lash Application and then certify the Esthetician to work on the public. Jenna has spent years building her name and business, Jenna’s Make­up & Waxing Studio, which is now called Wink Lash Parlor. Jenna’s high standards and quality demands superior education from her new Estheticians before they are allowed to work on clients. Yes, this skill takes years to master but, you can be assured Jenna’s Estheticians treat this trade as a career not just a job and whether they are at a master, senior or junior skill level they will give you a safe and beautiful application. After 1 year of employment the Esthetican is given the opportunity to become an Independent Contractor and run their lash business right out of Wink.

Your lash service is all we are focusing on as we are all perfectionists and aim to please! Eyelash extensions are a beautiful accessory to anyone’s face. Look and feel younger each morning you wake up and Wink in the mirror!