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Revitalash 3 month supply is $98 or 6 month supply is $150.
Revitalash is a super stimulant. The benefit of Revitalash is that not only can it maintain the health of your lashes while you’re in extensions and grow your lashes thicker and stronger but, it can grow your lashes 50­-60% longer. Perfect for a person who has short,wimpy, thin lashes, gaps and holes from previous damage due to bad extensions or they lost them during Chemotherapy. This product is also for a client that just wants more lashes! This will take 2­-6 weeks so, make note when you start using it so you give it the full amount of time to take effect. Continue use or you lashes will revert back to normal.

Here is a Before and After of Owner Jenna’s lashes using Revitalash!
1 Jennas Lashes

Application: apply like liquid eyeliner, on the skin next to lash line. Make sure not to apply near corner of inner eye as a tufted of hair will grow there. Apply under lower lashes next to eye line. Make sure you dip back in for more on each eye, upper and lower so the product is evenly distributed on each eye. Wipe the brush into the bottle before applying, as you don’t want to much or the liquid will run into your eye.

This product must be used once everyday morning or night, it doesn’t matter when just get it on everyday. Apply on clean dry skin after washing and before moisturizers and makeup. You will contaminate this product if it is used over other product, thus decreasing its ability to work as intended.

Revitabrow $110
This product uses the power of peptides and botanicals for strengthening, conditioning and nourishing natural eyebrows. You will start to see growth in 2-­6 weeks. Apply to brow where you want more growth or if you don’t like the shape of your brows apply to entire brow area. You will notice this product will darken the brow as well. So, if you have very blond brows you will love this bonus! Must be used on clean dry brows everyday for the product to work. Can be tapered off to every other day once you reach desired result.

Lash Fresh “Clean Wash Foam” $15
This is used before every lash extension application and once or twice a day at home. You need to wash with this oil free cleanser so that your lash extensions stay in place over the course of the lashes life. Oil breaks down the bond of the adhesive and the extensions will come off prematurely. This product is 100% Natural and Vegan. No Sulfates, Parabens, Chemicals or animal testing.

Facial Wipes $12
Oil­ free, with rose extracts. These wipes are great to remove face makeup and leave the skin soft, moisturized and smooth. Great to use during the first 24hours so you don’t run the risk of getting your lash extensions wet. This product is non­ irritating and safe for all skin types.

EyeQ’s $10
Oil­ free eye makeup remover presoaked wands. These are great for removing eye makeup and eyeliner without disturbing the lash extensions. This product needs to be used first, then the lashes need to be washed after. This product is fragrance ­free and gentle enough for contact lens wearers.

Longer Life Coating…AKA” Sealant” $30
This product creates a barrier around the lash extensions to help prevent breakdown of the adhesive prematurely due to moisture and oil ..etc. If you have trouble with the lash extensions lifting at the base, spinning around, hooking the neighboring lashes causing them to come off to soon, even with regular daily washing, then this product is a must! Use every day or at least every three days on clean dry lashes.

Gel Eyeliner Pencils $25 “includes sharpener”
Made just for eyelash extensions! They come in three rich colors: Rich Black, Starry Night & Caramel Brown