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Amazing amazing amazing!

I had my first eyelash extensions almost 3 years ago at Jenna’s Makeup and Waxing Studio. Now Jenna has expanded to a larger venue: Wink Lash Parlor. She has a staff of professional estheticians, all personally trained to meet her perfectionist standards.

I have been a regular customer ever since my first visit, and so love the look of longer, fuller lashes. They take years off my appearance and best of all, look totally natural! Thank you, Wink Lash Parlor — all “5 Stars”, you are the best!

-Jeannie K.


I’ve never had lashes before and have been looking into it for several months now. I yelp everything and so I came across Jenna’s studio with great responses from her clients. I made an apt specifically with Jenna because she’s the owner and for my first time I wanted her to do it. Jenna was so awesome! So sweet, genuine, bubbly. She explained everything to me in detail and I chose my options.

It took a couple hours but the tables were super comfy and she even offered me a blanket :). She told me if I needed anything at all or if I was uncomfortable in anyway than to not hesitate to say something.

The lashes themselves look AMAZING and my husband even loves them!

She’s got some really sweet gals working for her and I can’t wait to return. What a great experience overall.

-Stephanie R.


I went to Wink looking for a full set of lashes and was completely blown away by the outcome. The amount of detail and care she used to apply them was beyond my expectations. I am so in love with them I feel like I don’t even need to wear mascara anymore!

-Anna M.


This was my first time to Wink and my first time getting lashes. They are AMAZING! Love my lashes and the entire experience was great!

Square Customer


In love!! Today I just got my first set of eyelash extensions, and I am still in awe!
-Sabrina L.


“My Esthetician at Wink today, made me feel very comfortable during the entire 2.5 hour appointment! I fell asleep several times and was elated to see the results when she was finished. My new lashes are so natural and accent my eyes just the way I wanted!

-Square customer


I love, love, love my lashes! Thank you Wink for giving me my new favorite accessory, ” My Lash Extensions!” You Rock!



I just got my new lash extensions and I’m hooked! How did I go all this time having natural lashes! My Esthetican was so sweet and informative, she gave me exactly what I had pictured and I feel absolutely beautiful!!!

-Jenny S.


“First time getting lashes, I love them! My Esthetican really kept my idea of what I wanted in mind. Not over the top, but beautiful and natural looking. I made two more appointments in advance before she books out!”

-Square customer


“Wink is so relaxing and so comfortable. I love my lashes they look natural but spectacular!”

-Square customer


“Wink is amazing! I love my new lashes.”

-Square customer


” I wasn’t sure what to expect, having never had lashes before, but they did a beautiful job! This is a new look for me, but I get complements everywhere I go, it’s great!”

– Square customer


“Wink is great! My lashes look amazing! I have been getting so many compliments on them since I started going to Wink Lash Parlor and they just look better. They curl up more and there’s zero discomfort when I’m having them done like there was at other places. My Esthetican really explained all the options for products and services well and made me feel very comfortable. I’m very happy I found them and happy with my results!!!”

– Square customer


I just got my extensions yesterday and I can already tell I’m hooked. They look amazing! Getting them out on took two hours, but all I had to do was lie there. I’m not sure how difficult upkeep will be. I’m way less worried about how I will do” my hair and makeup for my upcoming wedding because I know I will look great with my amazing lashes.

-Katie S.

My lashes looking amazing on my wedding day


At my full set appointment they took the time to discuss expectations, maintenance and care; as I had never done this before. They did a fantastic job and I’ve received so many compliments because they look so natural! I’m definitely recommending all my friends!

-Anna V.


I’ve been going to Wink for my lashes for the last handful of months and this has to be my most favorite thing I’ve ever done for myself. I look overall more fresh faced and youthful and feel pretty even when I’m out sweating on a run! The lashes take a bit to get used to but are very easy to care for and they last ­ the only shedding I saw was when my actual lash shed, no loose ones. They did a great job at the application and were very light handed so I basically get to take a nap when I’m there. Beautiful space, lovely ladies, great lashes.



Wink Lash Parlor is an amazing place to get your lash extensions, waxing and everything related to eyes and eyebrows! I have sent many of my friends and clients here and have known Jenna for 2 years now. She and her staff are very professional and I and my clients have always had a great experience there! I This is a professional, quality place to get lash extensions, or eyebrow waxing. They will not mess or damage your lashes like other places! Jenna is the best in the country! She has trained her staff very well, and I have seen how she trains her staff. Its no joke! She takes her time and is very careful on who she hires to work for her. I trust these girls with my eyes closed. They have performed lash extensions, and other services on myself and my clients who come to me for image consulting! I would recommend Wink to anyone looking for quality lash extensions or getting their eye brows waxed!

– Sameera S.


This was my first time having eyelash extensions done and I could not have picked a better place to go. My esthetician did a great job. She took the time to explain everything and go over all of my choices regarding curl type, length and thickness which I really appreciated, this being my first time. The atmosphere was warm and relaxing and actually felt like a spa. The procedure was completely painless and so relaxing that I ended up sleeping through some of it. I will be referring my girlfriends, my sister and my mother for sure and will be returning for as long as I have my extensions. Now that I have them I love them and I never want to go back to mascara!

– Shelley W.


I’ve been coming here now for about 6 months and I am still loving my lashes. I’ve seen a few girls here. It’s fun girl time =0) I always look forward to going.If you are nervous about getting them done because of reviews you’ve read elsewhere, need not be worried here. Jenna spends ample time training each person she hires until she feels they are ready to be on their own. Because Jenna and her team are so awesome, she’s extending her business, which is great! Go make an apt, you won’t be sorry.

-Stephanie R.


This place is fabulous! Jenna has been making my lashes beautiful for years. I get frequent compliments on my gorgeous lashes, and other beauty professionals always ask where I get them done, commenting on how amazing and real they look! I don’t want or need any other makeup – so easy in the morning!

– Elisa B


Wink Lash Parlor gave me an unbelievably professional experience. They were knowledgeable and exceptionally talented in their craft. I would recommend it to friends.
December 20, 2014

-Groupon Customer